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In their pursuit of marketing excellence, directors envision themselves as orchestrators of beautiful and memorable vehicle branding campaigns. They seek to elevate their brand through unique van wrapping, truck wrapping, and car branding strategies. However, they often face the inconvenience of finding a reliable partner to deliver the greatest vinyl services aligned with their creative vision and budget.

Beneath the surface, marketing directors grapple with choosing the right provider and ensuring their vehicle branding efforts effectively engage their target audience. They shouldn’t worry about compromised quality or unmet deadlines derailing their marketing success. At Identity Graphx, we focus on these concerns and distinguish ourselves from competitors by delivering exceptional vinyl services in Sandy, UT, emphasizing creativity, precision, and unwavering customer satisfaction.

Elevate Your Vehicle’s Style And Impact With The Best Vinyl Services

Truck wrapped in vinyl for vehicle branding

Looking for a way to make your vehicle stand out on the road? Want to give it a unique touch that reflects your personality and style? Then, consider investing in the best vinyl services. Not only can they transform the aesthetic appeal of your car, but they can also serve as a protective layer against environmental elements.

Your vehicle is more than just a means of transportation – it’s an extension of your style: 

  • Semi/enclosed trailer wraps: Imagine driving a vehicle that turns heads and showcases your personality and style. Plus, these wraps add an extra layer of protection, keeping your vehicle looking new for longer, not to mention window graphics.
  • Ceramic coatings: As a marketing director, you know the value of a well-maintained exterior. A ceramic coating on your vehicle is like a high-quality paint job. It offers a brilliant shine that lasts while providing a strong, protective barrier against the elements. This means less worry about damage and more time enjoying the pristine look of your vehicle.
  • Paint protection film: Just as you take measures to protect the business from wear and tear, your vehicle deserves the same care. Paint protection film protects your vehicle from scratches, dings, and chips caused by road debris, ensuring your vehicle maintains its vibrant color and smooth finish. It’s like having a security system for your vehicle’s exterior, giving you peace of mind whenever you hit the road.

    How To Get Our Services


    Identify Your Needs

     Start by outlining your vehicle branding objectives and requirements. What kind of impression do you want to make? What is your budget? A clear idea of what you need will help streamline the process and ensure the best possible results.

    Reach Out to Us

     Our team of professionals is ready to listen, provide expert advice, and suggest the best vinyl services for your situation. We’re here to help you bring your vision to life.

    Let Us Handle the Rest

     Sit back and let us do the work once you’ve made your choices. We’ll handle everything from design to installation, ensuring every detail meets your expectations. Our commitment to creativity, precision, and customer satisfaction means you can always trust us to deliver superior quality.

    Drive-In Style And Make An Impact

    No marketing director deserves the frustration of failed vehicle branding services. At Identity Graphx, we truly empathize with your difficulty and are committed to maximizing your brand’s visibility.

    We understand the key role that eye-catching vehicle branding plays in successful marketing. Whether it’s van wrapping, truck wrapping, or car branding, we aim to help you drive in style and make an impact. We commit to transforming your fleet into moving billboards, capturing attention, and making your brand unforgettable.

      Vehicle Branding: Your Go-To Solution To Increase Advertising Results

      At Identity Graphx, we believe that vehicle branding is an excellent investment for any business. It increases visibility and helps you make an impression on the road. Our experienced professionals will work with you to create unique, eye-catching designs that perfectly fit your vehicle’s shape and size.

      Our team specializes in delivering outstanding results on time. We have an excellent track record, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the results of our service. So if you’re looking for a reliable partner to increase your branding and advertisement in Salt Lake City, look no further than Identity Graphx! 

      STEP 1     Tell us about your vehicle.

      STEP 2     Pick your vinyl coverage.

      STEP 3     Get Pricing FAST.

      STEP 4     Need a design?  We’ve got you covered.

      STEP 5     Schedule the install.

      Wade Van Tassell
      Wade Van Tassell
      Dan did a great job and our project looks really good. Price was as quoted, too!
      nick hickcox
      nick hickcox
      Identity graphx was great to work with! They cordinated with my graphics designer and everything went quick and smooth from there! No complaints with the installation they even replaced some clips that hold some plastic trim peices and door molding on that had broken! Also they had a lock box they put my keys in so I was able to come pick my van up on a Saturday when they weren't open! So nice I 100% recommend identity graphx
      Grant Mackay Specialty Services
      Grant Mackay Specialty Services
      Excellent! They helped us with our design and Identity Graphx came up with awesome ideas which we agreed to. Our Mercedes Sprinter Van looks fantastic. We've gotten lots of complements. Highly recommend Identity Graphx. Great to work with.
      Travis Kelsch
      Travis Kelsch
      Had these guys wrap my box trucks, pick up truck and business windows. Done quickly and a great job! I'll definitely use them the next time I need it.
      Zach Wellman
      Zach Wellman
      Quality work that lasts a long time. Very impressed with their work and professionalism. They have been quick to accommodate my needs. They get the job right the first time with an eye for perfection. They use quality vinyl that has lasted through several of Utah's winter storms and car washes.
      Fourth Street Clinic
      Fourth Street Clinic
      Dan and his team provide top of the line vehicle wraps. They go ver and beyond for their customers. Dan worked with our Medical Outreach Street Team's schedule so we could have them back serving patients asap. Identity Graphx exceeded our expectations - we are obsessed with the vehicle wrap and the friendly service we received.
      Chansi Crompton
      Chansi Crompton
      Dan was awesome to work with and went out of his way to accommodate our needs. As a team we had a large event in which one of our vendors was unable to complete a wrap on our main booth. Dan and his team were more than willing to help us turn around the production of the wrap in just a couple of days. I highly recommend Identity Graphx!
      Karl Sowa
      Karl Sowa
      We are super happy we picked Identity Graphx to install the wrap on our van. Dan and his team did an amazing job with what could have been a tricky design, and it looks terrific. And all that for what was a very reasonable price. Highly recommended.

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